Alsatian dog (also German Shepherd dog, germ. Deutscher Schferhund) is breed rasing from Germany. Breed is officially declared since 1899. Altasian originally serves as Shepperd dog. Nowadays its one of the most widespreaded dog breed in the world, and probably the most widespreaded guad and servise breed. Breed standard of the German Shepherd Dog emphasizing correct physical structure and particularly a sound temperament and good character.

Genaral Appearance

The German Shepherd Dog is of medium size, slightly elongated, strong and well muscled, with dry bone and of firm overall structure.

Behaviour, Temperament

The German Shepherd Dog must be even tempered, well balanced (with strong nerves), self assured, totally at ease (except when provoked) and good natured, as well as attentive and easy to train.


FCI breed Standard 166 (German Shepherd dog)